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posted by Steven Listino on October 30th, 2013 at 2:56 PM

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Self-priming interior coatings that serve as both primer and paint are perhaps the biggest news to come out of the paint industry in a generation. Not simply a blend of the two types of coatings, “paint and primer” is actually an entire new paint category that is based upon breakthrough technology. In terms of performance, these new self-priming paints are something of a hybrid, offering primer-like properties such as good hiding of both the underneath color and marks that may be present on the surface… as well as features typical of high-end paints, such as stain resistance and good “washability” of the new finish. To get all of these benefits when using standard coatings, a do-it-yourselfer or contractor would have to apply a coat of primer and two coats of paint over a properly prepared surface that is clean and stable. Now, he or she has another option: applying just two coats of paint and primer paint – thus eliminating an entire application, and completing the job much more quickly. While all of the new paint and primer products offer significant benefits, some self-priming interior coatings outperform the others. Those that perform best and display a good balance of primer and paint properties all contain 100% acrylic latex binder, a component that is present in virtually every top quality interior and exterior paint. All-acrylic binder is what gives paint exceptional adhesion, toughness and durability, so it’s not surprising that it also elevates the performance of self-priming paint. If you haven’t yet tried self-priming paint, but are considering it for your next interior paint project, you might want to favor an all-acrylic product, such as BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA®, ACE CLARK+KENSINGTON, OLYMPIC® ONE, or VALSPAR SIGNATURE®. You’ll find that your work will go much faster. And you’re bound to be thrilled with the performance of your new paint and primer!

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